The cleanest thing on earth.

We think a lot about how you can enjoy your drinking water carefree.

Without water there is no life! Although almost three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only a minuscule 2.5 percent of it is fresh water. And again, we can only use about one quarter of this, the rest is locked in the form of ice in glaciers and icebergs. We therefore have less at our disposal than one might think. Water is thus increasingly becoming a valuable commodity and cannot be replaced by anything else. Even if we do not have a water shortage on the surface, the trend is clearly towards a more conscious and sustainable use of water and its consumption.

Our current quality of life is very much based on the improvement of the drinking water supply over the last century. It was only through the treatment of wastewater and consistent drinking water hygiene that epidemics could be eliminated from everyday life. In countries with a poor sanitary infrastructure, however, the risk of the spread of diseases such as typhoid or cholera must still be reckoned with at any time. But in Switzerland as well, badly maintained systems quickly become an open door for these appalling visitors.

Although in Switzerland we generally do not give much thought to the way we use water, the impeccable quality of drinking water and a well-functioning sanitary system cannot be appreciated highly enough. And this is exactly where we at Apova apply our philosophy: take care of our most precious asset and maintain our infrastructure. This is the only way we can continue to enjoy our precious water worry-free.

«We could save a lot of water if we humans drank more water. »
Stefan Fleischer (*1938), retired, formerly organiser of a large bank