The hygiene watchdogs for your drinking water.

A nice exterior and a disgusting interior.

This is how sanitary installations often reveal themselves on closer inspection. Grime and corrosion in filter systems and pipelines make clean drinking water impossible. No matter how well the fittings are cleaned.

In Switzerland, the quality of drinking water is remarkably high. But water is never a constant, water is a living thing. It contains innumerable important microorganisms. And if the sanitary installations are poorly maintained or not maintained at all, harmful bacteria and germs will quickly accumulate in the water. The reasons for this can be rusty pipes, worn-out filters or material fatigue.

Apova has decades of know-how in this field and ensures that you can continue to enjoy your drinking water with complete peace of mind through expert care and maintenance of the sanitary installations.

«He who does not invest in his health every day will have to sacrifice a lot of time for his illness one day»
Sebastian Kneipp, German hydropathist